Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How Many/War continues

What do you do when it’s nippy outside and the wind is really not letting up.  Bring them inside. We had a total of ten for dinner.  We were feeding our forces for the expected night attack.  DSC_0002

Frank was bringing the sugar dessert and stopped to pet the kitty.  Yes, Frank does have a heart.  DSC_0007

Here’s a nice picture of Susie. The new fashion is to have three hair colors….isn’t it?DSC_0003

After fattening the troops we mobilized them and headed for the Elkhart Gang Headquarters.  They were not expecting a daylight attack.  We even caught one (Walt) sleeping in a chair.  He didn’t have to take a bath that night because he got a drenching.  Molly will not have to take a shower for a month.  When we finished with her she looked like a prune from all the water. Since this was Goshen headquarters their commander-in-chief had to defend for herself.  She brought a pitcher of water into battle but was done after one attempt to get one of our troops.  The attempt was noticed by her troops and thus gave them a brief burst of energy.  We then headed south to capture a new arrival, Mark.  He immediately gave up upon seeing such a large force (10). We then returned to our bunkers with the taste of victory among all.  It was now dark and we got attacked.  We took many hits which resulted in Goshen having a water shortage. We got beat bad.  We had so much water around us that we almost got the kayaks out. It was shear defeat.  Then we had an intruder (Caroline) attempt to drive by.  Both armies briefly joined forces and attacked. The intruder looked puzzled as if saying, “What the hell are those old folks doing all wet with rain gear on.”  All of our kids would probably be thinking the same and be laughing and shaking their heads at the same time.  Hey, we are kids too on the inside….. When was the last time your kid came out and played?

See Ya………….

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