Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getter Done

We are in the cleaning up mode from being away since March.

I cut the grass and Carol pulls weeds.  I would use weed killer but Carol says NO! Oh well…. DSC_0002

I took off the kayaks and racks that were on the car.  We won’t be using them when we go to Pomona nor to Oregon House.  Five days each way, work 10 days at the RVIA show then 6 days of Carol’s Line Dancing.  Anyhow, the car is all shiny.  I got to do the rig yet.DSC_0001

We are taking “stuff” out of the rig now and then will sort thru it when we return in very early November.DSC_0003

Patch’s the cat runs loose here.  It’s her old neighborhood and she comes and goes as she pleases.  She always returns around feeding times.DSC_0004

Frank & Marlene came over towards the evening. We jawed jacked some.  Carol and Marlene it was line dancing stuff mostly. Frank & I were checking out the tire/wheel of our golf cart.  It wobbles for some unknown reason.  I think it’s a tire gone bad. Before they left Frank borrowed some baby orange cones to decorate his rig.

Oh, part of the Goshen Gang, Bud & Cathie, have returned here to Livingston.

We heard noises around our rig that night.  It must be those raccoons again.  They invade us ever so often.  We don’t leave dog/cat food out anymore.  I think Joe Peterson feeds them.

See ya………

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