Friday, September 17, 2010

“What – all in one day”

Whew..what a day..another “what a day”. It started so peaceful.  Yes, the one cat is asleep in the plastic bag.


I went back to Lambright Comfort Chairs and picked up a portable adjustable table.  It’s what I will set my Silverleaf and “stuff” on while going done the road.  this way it won’t set on the dash.  Nat table.  the address of this place is 1390 South 700W, Topeka, IN 46571 tele 260 768-4820. Let it ring, they're Amish and they have to go outside to answer the phone. Here’s where their workers park their vehicles.SDC11076

A school house with not only a bike rack but a barn for the student’s mode of transportation.SDC11078

Car’s wheel wells have a tendency to smell after driving on these roads around here.SDC11080 

Giddy up and go – one horsepower.  Nice looking engine. SDC11081

Day of departure and the repairman shows up to repair a slide problem for Howard of the Nomads.DSC_0002


Let’s get weighed.  The truck is saying,”get that thing off me”.DSC_0003

Cutting to close for my comfort.  They did hit one drain spout the first time around. Hey, it’s a zoo….DSC_0004

“Hey Larry, the sewer pipe don’t go there.”DSC_0008

Our little baby has grown up and is on it’s own. This was our car at one time. Now it has a new home.DSC_0010


Here is it’s home now.  Wow, can they adopt us? Nice folks…DSC_0011

Tight is tight…..DSC_0012

Only a few more years of this for sure.DSC_0013

These Adventure Caravan people insisted on letting their smelly engines run and stunk up the inside of our coach. After 15 minutes I asked if they could turn them off and they did.  Hey people, got oil pressure, got air, got to go or turn them off.  They do not need to “warm up” unless you are going to climb Mt Everest in the next ten minutes.  Shut them down or depart it’s really that simple.  The one on the right didn’t even have any brake light cable to their car or supplement braking.  “And these are Caravan Leaders?!” Guess I won’t win any brownie points with Adventure Caravans.DSC_0018

Here’s another one that is in desire need of a lesson in common sense.  I couldn’t believe it.  All the space on hard surface road available and they had to drive right next to a RV in the other person’s site literally. People if you can’t park that’s one thing – but use some friggin common sense.  Please don’t be ignorant and do this. Gee I wonder why campgrounds put big boulders on corners.  DSC_0020

Here’s a place that was featured on TV’s  “Dinner’s, Drive Ins, and Dives.” DSC_0027 DSC_0021

Here’s Carol and the owner “Nick”.  She wanted to let him know that his crab cakes were outstanding and among the best. He really appreciated it.  He told us about the history of the place and how he prepared certain foods.  Neat place that has local atmosphere for sure. A little pricey.  Crab cakes were $13 and a Philly cheese steak for $8 with fries.The Philly sucked but the bread was really good as were the fries.  Not an $8 meal for sure.  I would try something else when we come back and we will.DSC_0026


Good thing I had my glasses on or I wouldn't’ have been able to see the sandwich much less the meat on it. I didn’t know they could be so small.DSC_0023 DSC_0022

Hey, this only lunch time.  We went back to the rig to start getting ready to move tomorrow.  When we set for a week we get a lot of “stuff” out both inside and out.  Plus we had our vendor “stuff” we had to restore until next month.

Then it was about 4-5 ish.  We thought we would do a drive by on the Goshen Gang.  Packing is over and it’s time to play some more.  Our kids inside of us wanted to come out and play.

Well…….target was….DSC_0041

The culprits, the 2010 Escapade staff.  DSC_0042

All watched as Bob & Molly returned to…DSC_0047

plants all around their entrance to their coach.DSC_0043 


It will take a forklift and some time to remove them, or just some friends.DSC_0044 

It’s not over…….

Later that night someone was dumpster diving for “stuff” for the NEXT happening. Damn, I know I shouldn't have wore those orange sandals.DSC_0053 DSC_0054 DSC_0056 DSC_0057

The little green man was captured again and was used as a center piece of a party.  It appeared to be more like a frat party but the little green man enjoyed being the center of attention for the “Class of 2007”.

All’s well that ends well for sure.  Whew – another fun day.

See ya……

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