Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rallies – What’s The Difference

As you all know I’m not a writer.  So with that in mind I will attempt to talk about rallies.  I will give you my feelings and mine alone.  Carol and I have been to our share of rallies both as staff, vendors and regular attendees.  Attendee numbers have been as low as 10 RVs and well over 5,000 RV’s.  The Gypsy Journal Rally numbers are maybe between 150-200 RVs usually.  Some people count attendees I count RVs.  You here people say that the Gypsy Journal Rally is like the old Escapades were 25 or so years ago.  There’s one problem with that.  The people who are saying that weren’t there then.  So, I will say, “this must be how it was back then.”  How is that?  The Gypsy Journal Rally is personal.  It’s like at a very big friendly family reunion.  Every unknown arrival has the opportunity to be a special family member.  I like to believe that’s how the early Escapades were - personal.  Nick makes it personal because of his popularity and being available to everybody and it’s contagious.  Thus everybody is friendly to everybody else.  It’s catching on.  It’s amazing to watch the evolution. This is also done with laughter.  People are sharing their laughter with each other and thus have something in common besides that RV.  Wow, now people have two things in common.   It’s hard for Nick to be on time.  Why, it’s because he is listening to somebody sharing with him about their experience.  It’s being personal with someone he don’t know by just listening.  The big wigs might call it good public relations or even marketing.  I call it just being down right nice.  It’s not rocket science for sure. People want to share with each other they just need a starting point.  Nick is that starting point.  I remember seeing Joe Peterson, Co-founder of the Escapees Club, going to coffee and donuts at an Escapade Rally.  He would arrive, look around and then set down at a table that he didn’t know anybody and nobody was talking. It was magical to watch that table come alive.  You would think that they all knew each for years.  Another time Joe & Kay were special guests at a dinner.  When they arrived their table was already.  Well, they said no thank you and sat among the guests.  They knew the value of being personal and they enjoyed it.  I still hear stories today how someone got to talk to Joe or Kay even for a brief moment.  It’s part of being a celebrity – like it or not.  What that person does with that is what separates them from others.  Nick is a celebrity and he wears the title exceptionally well. For what’s it worth, job well done Nick at another Gypsy Journal Rally. 

Can I have another free T-shirt now? (smile)

See ya……….

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