Sunday, September 19, 2010

We Won The War

But first.  Yesterday I was asked to help with the next breakfast and I said sure.  I was informed to be there by 6:45.  I was and nobody was there.  Maybe I got the time wrong.  I came back at 7:45. Nobody there.  Bottom line - I got the day wrong. It’s tomorrow.  Details, details.

Last night they had that Mexican Horse thing going on. Here’s what they left. The picture speaks for itself. The trash barrels were almost empty. True dirt bags.


On the fairgrounds was this little house. Pretty neat. Carol & I could live in this out in the woods somewhere.DSC_0003

Black squirrels are all over the place.  I think these little things are so cool.DSC_0004


Some people went for a tour of some air museum and some people filled water balloons.  DSC_0011

Some even got dressed up for the final battle. The battle to end all battles.    DSC_0013

Two great forces joined to go into the final battle - the Yellow Force and the Orange Force (formerly the Elkhart Gang). We are a force that could not be defeated.  We numbered in excess of thousands (about 60). Here we are eating our last meal before battle.DSC_0009

Joe Tenpenny joined the Yellow/Orange Force and became a colonel immediately.DSC_0006



In battle, photos are not a high priority.  Thus few were taken. But we have reports that they’re were a few neutral brave souls that took some hidden pictures.  These are coming up the chain of command and will be posted immediately upon arrival.

The battle plan was simple.  Trick the opposing force (Bud & Cathie Carr) into a gauntlet and then to have no mercy. It worked.  After 5 minutes of ruthless bombardment of water balloons and even a water hose, they surrender and joined the Yellow/Orange Force for a night of entertainment.  The little green man played an important role in this and regained his dignity that they stole previously in battle.  Pictures will follow for sure.

Then we had VCR initiation.  Those that are setting will be initiated.  No further pictures can be made public due to the somber (also sober) and secret procedure. The one behind them are their sponsors. Notice the yellow and orange battle attire.DSC_0022

Then we had an auction for the Escapees C.A.R.E Program.  We had a secret auctioneer.DSC_0047

Items to be auctioned.DSC_0037 DSC_0038 

And one of the great winners of ……… bag and hat. I think those items brought an several million dollars. They were true collector items.DSC_0045


The losing opposing force left in darkness and shame and will never be heard again as the Goshen Gang. Bud tried not to have his picture due to the shame of the final battle.  He’s calling the rest of his force and telling them to lay down their water guns in defeat.DSC_0053

Kellie is saying this was fun let’s do it again.DSC_0054


Yesterday I made a boo boo on the blog.  Bob and Betty Bear’s SKP number is 42 and not 47 as I reported.  Sorry you two lovebirds.

Again, pictures of the Great Battle (slaughter) will be shown at a later date.

See ya……..

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