Sunday, September 12, 2010

Opening Day of the Escapade Rally

Here’s what happened to my poor little green man. His was saved by holding his breath.  He’s back home now.  The culprits have admitted their crime and are awaiting their date in Kangaroo Court.  They will be dealt with accordingly.DSC01219

Would you take an RV driving Lesson from this guy?Orange2De

Opening Ceremony of the..DSC_0035 - Copy

“Wow, this is bigger than I thought”DSC_0026 - Copy

How many people have to go to the bathroom?DSC_0036 - Copy

Joe just told Bud a joke.  Bud will be OK he’s wearing his Wal-Mart underwear, a plastic bag.DSC_0039 - Copy 

Your guess is good as mine.DSC_0047 - Copy 

Can you tell this lady just one the $2,500 cash grand prize.  Wow, is she excited………. decrease her meds!DSC_0053 - Copy 

Someone said free ice cream and the place emptied out almost immediately.DSC_0056 - Copy DSC_0057 - Copy 

Tomorrow is our busiest day.

See Ya…….

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