Thursday, September 2, 2010

Last Full Day of the Gypsy Journal Rally

NO PICTURES…sorry. I just didn’t what to carry a camera around without Carol when I was doing different things.

What a friggin blast.  Today….we did “stuff” just not entirely sure what.  We did a Preparing For Alaska Seminar, sat in on a Panel of Experts about traveling to Alaska, did the music for the crowd before the prize give aways and their were a lot of them. Then I did the sound for the MC (Nick) for the give away.  We won a digital video camera. How cool is that?  Nick had a lot of cool prizes.  Maybe I will learn how to put videos on this blog.  That would be an adventure for sure. Then to end the night we showed the 1954 movie “The Long Long Trailer” to about 60 people. The sound was great, the borrowed screen and a few chords from the “Geeks On Tour” made for a great showing of a classic movie.  We had to break every thing down and load it in the car for tomorrow’s move.  We got back to the RV about 10:30 PM.  That’s late for a lot of RVers.  We will leave tomorrow morning that is if the airbags fill up.  I got the safety valve from Freightliner earlier today some how.  It was raining most of the day so I didn’t get a chance to install it.  I sprayed a whole bunch of Blast Off on it and hope it opens it up again for a 20 mile drive.  If it don’t, I will crawl underneath the rig and just getter done rain or shine.  These RV’s do have showers so what the hell.  Maybe we will go to breakfast first. 

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