Monday, September 6, 2010

Here We Go - Maybe

Well, now the frig is acting up - more.  It quit making ice in the freezer and the lower part of the frig is almost freezing up. Don’t really need ice because everything is almost frozen.  The setting is on 6 and it’s 39 degrees on the bottom.  The fins are coated with ice.  It does this about three to four days after defrosting.  Maybe I should try and fix it – what could go wrong?

Back to the air safety valve from yesterday. Denny, Frank and myself decided we were going to give it one last try.  Frank was the worker, I was the gofer and Denny was the supervisor.  Frank crawled under with his tools in hand.  During his attempt Walt came by and said he had a small torch.  We said thanks but no thanks, we have the necessary tools.  Well, Frank couldn’t get the friggin thing loose.  We went and got Walt’s little torch.  Frank crawled underneath again and after heating it for 15 seconds or so with the torch we figured that was enough.  It came out relatively easy after all things considered.  Frank installed the new valve and I gave it the final torque.  We tested the air system twice and all was good.  SUCCESS!.  SDC11027

Denny was so happy we fixed it that he cried.SDC11016

The kitty had to wait on her chair while we were working on the rig.SDC11030

When we were done she could get back in her bed under the rig.SDC11031

We all and girls went to lunch and lunch was on me and very happy to.SDC11014

Then we all went to Happy Hour (eats too) with the Escapade Staff again.  SDC11034 SDC11036

Angie was in disbelief that she could get her nails done on the road.SDC11037


Marlene was having fun scarifying flies to the electric swat. Of course the dead flies were falling into the food but no one noticed. They gave some of the food a little flavor.SDC11048

Then back to our sites where we had a little gathering ourselves.SDC11069


The calmness of a little one can tame the wild one.SDC11067 

Tomorrow is another day and maybe not as active. NOT!

See ya…..

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