Monday, December 30, 2013

Water, Fuel, Food & Friends

I started the day off by cleaning up my mess from cooking catfish outside.  I will reuse the deep fryer oil about 3 times total.  Not much oil is lost when cooking at high temperatures (375+).  I just pour it back in the same containers when it cools down.  It will all be reloaded back into the RV.  No bigee.

We called our mail service and requested our mail be forwarded here to Congress for pick up.  Hopefully it will be here by this Friday.  Monday would be cool to.  We’re expecting our monthly check and it is needed.  We are so poor we are eating spaghetti without any sauce.  Just kidding…….it does have sauce but no meat.   Just kidding…… it does have a dried cut up McDonalds $1 hamburger patty.  Just kidding…. it wasn’t dried up……..HEY! Happy Happy Happy Hey!

Next we drove the Jeep into Phoenix to attend an Escapees Chapter 32 luncheon at the Golden Corral.  A lot of people attended that.  They wouldn’t let us go in under the kids price.  They go by your age and not what you act like.DSCN0138

Then it was off to fill up the gas cans for the side by side RZR ATV and the Jeep.  I only had a 5 gallon and 2 gallon cans.  Saved about 30 cents.  Hey!, 30 cents is 30 cents for doing nothing.  We also went to Walmart and got some 6 gallon containers of water for the desert plus a case of small containers.  Water in Quartzsite gets pretty expensive when you buy it by the gallon for your RV.  We plan on going 11 days before needing water and a dump.  It cost $20 to do that in Quartzsite.  After the Escapees social on the 15/16 January there in Quartzsite we’re not 100% sure where we will go.  Anybody got any ideas?

We returned back to our Baby.  At 4 o’clock Denny & I went up to the Outdoor Adventure Club.  It’s just a group of residents and visitors here at the park who get together and figure out where to go 4 wheeling/ATVing next.  It’s not complicated or nothing.  So our schedule is this Wednesday at 10 o’clock is to to go on Jeep ride to – I forget.  It was set up by Dennis Swan.  Then this Thursday it will be an ATV ride leaving at 9 AM to go to Yarnnell for breakfast.  I wonder if they will let us order off the kids menu.  The Club organized this run.  Then for Friday there will be another ATV run at 9 AM led by Denny Orr towards Wickenburg somewhere.  That could always be a McDonalds with Denny leading.  Saturday who knows what we will be doing.  Sunday we will be loading the ATVs and prepping for our departure Monday for Quartzsite.

Somewhere in all this Denny & Ed said they would supervise the installation of our LP line inside our rig.  I think they mean I will be doing the work.  Hey, why not.  It’s only a LP line inside our rig for a LP heater.  What could go wrong?  Denny has a foot doctor appointment tomorrow morning.  I think he’s growing a third foot or something. I think tomorrow afternoon for this little LP adventure.  Ed just come down after lunch unless you like spaghetti with no sauce.  Bring your tools for me to use.

Then last night Denny & Susie had a bunch of us over for no special reason.  It was us, Steve & Lila, Arlette and Tom, Dave & Lois, Butch & Dot and of course Denny & Susie.  The girls played card games and the guys sat around watching college football.  We were only pretending to watch football.  Us guys were really having very intelligent and worth while conservations since the girls weren’t really listening.   When the girls listen we play dumb and act like we are just BSing.  We don’t want them to think we are capable of good conversation or we would have to play cards with them.   Shhhhhhh that’s a secret.  It was 10 PM when everybody was leaving.  Way past my bed time.  Carol & I watched some David Letterman and went to bed pretty close to midnight.  It’s now 5 AM and I am done.

See ya…..