Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mexico, Move, Booze & LP

Carol’s dental appointment in Algodones, Mexico went fine.  It’s called LaCholla and Chris and Charles Yust referred us.  If anyone wants their U.S. telephone number just email me at dennisrving@gmail.comDSCN0082

It’s a small office as you can see.DSCN0084

But they had room for their Christmas tree.DSCN0085

Here’s our favorite taco eatery. DSCN0090 DSCN0089

some pics of the local area…..DSCN0083 DSCN0086 DSCN0087

Coming back across the border was a breeze with no line.  That’s unusual.

Next we stopped at Fry’s to get some special booze.  It’s called Fireball and it’s a special whiskey.  Carol even liked it.  It’s the kind of stuff you drink setting out by a fire when it’s a little nippy.  After a few shots you don’t care if there’s a fire or not.  At least that’s how Carol acted.

We straighten up the RV and left our friends Chris & Charles for our overnighter in an industrial area next to Starlight Solar.  We got LP for $1.99 a gallon (normally $2.09) with a Fly J credit card on the way there.  Also, we got diesel for $2.68 ($2.73 normally) with the card. 

We got the cat a new toy as seen on TV.  It’s a cover with a doo dad that goes around and around underneath.  I don’t know who likes it more the cat or Carol.DSCN0092 DSCN0093  DSCN0095 

Then she just got lazy…..the cat not Carol.DSCN0098

Starlight Solar owner, Larry, came by and checked on us around sunset.  He said he would get here about 7:30 and they would start work at 8 AM sharp.  Great. 

I got up about 3:30 AM to check on our power and to do this blog.  With the inverter on due to the electric frig we are setting at 12.3 volts.  We got here about 5 PM and have been on battery power with the inverter on ever since.  I have to relearn what to expect with the electric frig and the AGM batteries.  It seems like the voltage is lower but the amperage is higher compared to regular batteries.  Right this moment the frig is drawing over 5 amps.  I can hear it running and see the amp gauge.  My computer is running about 3 amps plugged in.  Plus I got a freezer down below probably doing at least 7 amps at the moment.  I’ve been told that turning these electric frigs off like a regular RV frig doesn’t work that well.  They supposedly don’t hold the temps as well.  I well test that real soon.  I would like to turn the inverter off when we go to bed.  Too much phantom drawls on these new rigs.

It’s 4:30……

See ya……..