Wednesday, December 11, 2013

RV Warranty Work

Here we go at a dealer getting warranty work done.  Thirteen items on our list to include things like the hot water heater don’t work on electric, frig door lock broke, bedroom TV needs to be hooked up to sat, tile floor as grout smear marks, entrance door hard to open/close, noisy entrance door awning, and so on. 

We took a few important items out of the rig like the cat, money and camera.  Now what do we do for 8+ hours.  No endless supply of cold/hot drinks, no bathroom, no snacks, no TV.  Yes they have a customer lounge.  Ahhhh, I don’t do dealer lounges very good, maybe 1 hour max. 

We went down the road to Cracker Barrel and had breakfast.  then we saw a movie theater nearby so we went to see what was playing. Las Vegas was playing in 10 minutes (10:20 AM) so what the hell.  It was a pretty funny movie for old folks which we are.

Then it was back to Lazydays to check on the coach and the cat.  The cat was asleep in her carrier up against the windshield.  Since it was lunch time nobody was around.  I checked their work……no comment…

About 2 PM I went back and met the worker.  I wasn’t happy about his work but did not express anything at this point. 

Jim & Linda Work came up to visit us.  We talked and talked, and talked some more.  They brought our coach out at 4 PM.  I made the first turn and the frig doors opened up, our hinged double doors weren’t lock and crashed open, bathroom door came open.  The worker used steel wool pad on one of our tiles and it showed.  I was not happy.  The service writer came over to our site and delivered our new bed spread.  I informed her what happened with the coach.  She should she would let the workers know right now.  The coach returns tomorrow at 8 AM.  I will explain in detail to the service writer how disappointed I was with ALL the work they so called completed which wasn’t very much for 8 hours.  The only thing they fixed was a loose wire with the electric hot water heater.  Tomorrow is the cleaning of tiles and rewiring the TV sat.  The worker says the factory did it work.  We will see….

We went to dinner with Jim and Linda at the KOA campground.  The food was so so but our entertainment with each was great.  After dinner they went back home and we did too.  Thanks Jim & Linda we really had fun.

See ya….