Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Waiting Waiting Waiting

At 8 AM we are waiting at Freightliner El Paso.

At 9 AM we are waiting at Freightliner El Paso.

At 9:30 AM they took the Baby on to the alignment machine.

At 10 AM we were notified that they had contacted Freightliner HQ and were told to cut off some do dad on the rear axle.  Then align and then weld a new do dad back on.

At 11 AM we are waiting.

At 12:01 PM everybody at lunch.

At 1 PM back from lunch and still waiting.

At 2 PM we are waiting.

At 3 PM we are waiting but told 1/2 hour more.

At 3:30 PM the Baby was parked out front.  I was told to see the service desk about the power steering reservoir leak.  The alignment and all work involved with it was done but can’t road test due to the 20-40 winds with 60 MPH gusts all day.  Will test tomorrow.  I checked with the service desk about the leak.  They said it would have to wait till tomorrow.  I explained that it was a leak at the top and was probably a gasket.  Could I get it verified that is all it is, if not then I will return for it.  They checked it out and it was the lid that was not screwed on properly and twisted the gasket thus leaked.  The mechanic was a prior Marine and I was wearing my Marine hat.  He said they would have to order a gasket.  I told him being a Marine just use some of that Marine ingenuity and let’s fix it.  Me and him did.

At 4 PM we left Freightliner and headed for Ft Bliss campground.  Yes it was very windy and thus we could not check to see if the RV was pulling.  It was pulling all over the place due to the wind that was for sure.  Tomorrow we will go out on the road if the wind dies down and just do a road test and power steering leak check.  If something isn’t fixed – back to Freightliner.  Otherwise we can get reorganized with fuel fill up at $3.59, washing clothes, cleaning the rig and maybe a trip to the commissary.

Now we are waiting to go to bed after dinner.

See ya…….