Sunday, December 1, 2013

Yonder Down the Road

We read about a Texas Trade Days in Canton.  So what the hell.  We yondered down the road a piece - 25 miles to a Texas flea market.   DSC_0009 DSC_0010  This place was friggin HUGE.  How HUGE is it?  It’s so HUGE, you need a GPS to find your car.  Oh, I forgot.  This is TEXAS where everything is large.  We were told it was over 400 acres.  That is huge.  I couldn’t even start to take a picture of something that big unless I was in a helicopter.  We walked around for 3 miles according to Carol’s pedometer.  We didn’t even put a dent in it.

Some of it was outside andDSC_0007

some of it was inside.  No rhyme or reason.DSC_0012

Once a month and year round for a weekend this goes on. October we were told was the biggest as far as attendance.  If you dig flea markets put this place on your list.  Plan on being here for the entire weekend.  Here’s the web site

I got two Duck Dynasty shirts.  One says, “Happy, Happy Happy”.  The other says,  “The #1 Rule Is That There Are No Rules.”  $22 dollars total for both.  Carol got some “stuff” too.  She got a soy candle and a metal cat for the outside.  We are Happy Happy Happy!

Tomorrow we get with M & G about our tow brake then make a left for Abilene, sweetest little town I ever seen – Abilene.