Thursday, December 26, 2013

Enjoying the Lifestyle of Retirement

Denny & I started out before 7 AM to go and have breakfast in town with the “guys”.  They’re about 8 of us.  It was good food and conversation along with a few of Denny’s famous jokes.

When we got back to North Ranch we went over to Denny’s neighbor.  He had a wire problem with his tow behind car.  He had dragged his car cable and thus ruined one end of it.  Two plus hours later we had fixed it.  The dealer had switched the right and left tail light wires which confused me and Denny for the longest.  It was easier to rewire the way it was (backwards) than to do it the way it should be. 

Next was to put spark plugs in the Polaris side by side.  That didn’t work due to grime and mud in the plug socked.  We washed it out and will try again tomorrow when it dries out. 

Next was to change some ground wires on our Baby’s battery system that the installer suggested.  I had already picked up the extra battery terminal extenders.  We go that done.

I raised two of the four’s solar panels.  Starting to try different things with the solar.  We went unplugged (no shore power) for 24 hours.  It didn’t work as good as I was expecting with the 8 AGM batteries and 4 solar panels.  I even shut the frig off for over 8 hours and the inverter for about the same.  More testing will be done.

Denny & I sat out drinking beer and watching the sun go down.  Another day of enjoying the days of retirement and the RV lifestyle of doing a little of this and that.

See ya…………