Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

NOT!.  Since Lazydays has not convinced me that the  worker knows what he is doing, it’s now my way or the highway for us.

First thing this morning I informed the service writer why I was so disappointed with their worker’s work so far.  I asked to see how “they” were going to clean the remaining 8-10 tiles starting with the friggin rear tiles.  The Prep Manager came and said they have never cleaned tiles before.  I said that’s enough for me not get them cleaned since one they already destroyed the glaze on. 

My gut and common sense tells me don’t let them touch anything else.  This is a guy that couldn’t repair or check his work on the locks he installed on the frig and used steel wool on a tile that ruined the tile.  I told Lazydays don’t order any parts (awning) because I’m not coming back.  Give me the friggin front Freightliner hub cap and I will put it on.  They hadn’t got it so that was no problem. 

Notice I call the guy working on our rig a worker.  That’s because I’m not going to call him a tech.  I have some other names for him.  At this point in time and based what I’ve seen him do,  I do better work than this worker and a lot faster.  And why does a 250+ lb guy use my rear ladder to get on the roof?  Don’t they have ladders that reach the roof?

AND the results were……….I spoke to the Service Manager and told him of our disappointments with Lazydays Tucson and we don’t plan to come back.  We talked for about 15 minutes and he said that he understood our reasons.

Bottom line – we went with our gut feelings and left.

The 250 trip to Yuma was pretty good.  Here are some pics……DSC_0013 DSC_0019

We stopped in Eloy, AZ to fuel up.  The $3.73 is the truckers price.  It’s $3.65 for non commercial vehicles plus we got another 5 cents off for using the Pilot/Flying J credit card.  Then we went back across the interstate and across from the Pilot was a wheel polisher guy.  I’ve been using him for years.  $5 bucks a wheel and our wheels really shine now.DSC_0024

The interstates in AZ are prettyDSC_0025 DSC_0027  DSC_0032

Solar power and these thing were big and a lot of them.DSC_0035 DSC_0036 DSC_0040

The foothills of Yuma.DSC_0054


We stopped at Starlight Solar to get an estimate and recommendations for installing our stuff next Wednesday.  We need a new solar controller.  Ouch….DSC_0056

We then headed for Chris & Charles lot over in the Foothills.  Pics tomorrow.  We all sat out with wine and “BS”ed a lot.  We had one of those long active days so we retired early.  I was in bed before 7 PM !! Of course I was up at 11:30 PM and then went back to bed later on around 2:30 AM.  You know why…because I can…

See ya….