Saturday, December 21, 2013

Back In the Saddle Again

Today it barely got into the 50’s and tonight is expected to be at freezing.  I guess this is prepping us for Alaska next summer.

We had breakfast up at the club house this morning.  We had biscuits & gravy for $4 bucks.DSCN0114

Then it was time to go and get my NAPA AGM battery for the RZR.  No problem.  Installed the battery, changed the oil & filter (Denny showing me how),DSCN0116 kicked the tires and off to the desert almost. 

First it was fast paced getting ready.  It was Ed & Sandy, Denny & Susie and Carol & I going out for a ride.  I don’t like being late or not prepared.  I was both of those things for this ride.  I couldn’t find my goggles, cold weather riding clothes and it seems like my safety harness had shrunk and it’s a real dog to adjust out.  Finally we got going.  It was great to be back in the saddle again. Maybe because I’m 25% Cherokee Indian that I like the desert so much. It just feels so “el natural”.  We all were out and riding and we ended up in a special place.  About a year ago I ended up like this on this trail.Dennis Hill 053

This could have been where I died very easy that day.  Denny Orr helped save my life that day.

Well, everybody but me knew that this trail had been dedicated to me and a little sign that Ed Kruty had made was put at the entrance. DSCN0119

THANKS EVERYBDOY……..I can HEAR what you are saying. DSCN0117

We went on and cleared some sticky bushes from the tight trail.  It’s a real nice trail with some tight turns that challenges ones ability to drive one of these go karts on steroids.  DSCN0122 DSCN0123 DSCN0125DSCN0120

  This is the machine I flipped pictured above upside down.  Better looking right side up.DSCN0124 

Susie was fascinated by this cow poo for some reason.  Maybe Denny was by earlier and Susie was looking for proof.DSCN0126

We were out for about 2 hours and went back.  We stopped at Joe & Jan Tenpenny’s place.  They just returned from a trip.  It was nice to stop and chat with them for awhile.  Hopefully we can spend more time with them this week.  Wow, Christmas in three days.  It just don’t seem like it for some reason.

Later than evening Denny & Susie and us went out for pizza.  That was fun.  On the way back we all stopped at the local grocery store in Wickenburg for sale items.  I got to race a kid down an isle with our shopping carts.  I just couldn’t resist.  He won two out of three.  That was fun and the kid really liked racing an adult - me.  He was smiling ear to ear.  The grown ups, his dad and Carol, weren’t around.

All is well and the night ended.

See ya.