Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fried Catfish – Sooooo Good!

Denny Orr came over and we tried to fix the bedroom TV in our rig.  It won’t pick up sat TV with it’s own sat receiver.  Well, we unplugged and replugged every conceivable possibility.  Nope couldn’t do it.  Modern technology, isn’t it grate.  Maybe we can figure it out by asking a few questions at Direct TV in Quartzsite.

While in Quartzsite I will visit Flying J/Pilot’s booth in the big tent.  They advertise 6 cents off per gallon with their credit card and being a Good Sam member.   They’ve been given me only 5 cents off.  Emails with them have been worthless.  So, I will see them in person.  They will explain to me what’s going on!  I’m taking no hostages.

For dinner I fixed some of my Tempura fired catfish for the Orr’s and Dudley’s.  Boy was it good.  Everybody liked it except Denny that is.  He don’t like fish.  So I fixed him a fried hamburger patty in Tempura.  That he liked.  We had leftovers for  more people but couldn’t find anyone at the time.  I guess the word is out about my cooking.

I got two pork butts in the freezer that are all smoked up and waiting to be eaten.  Maybe we can do that before we head for Quartzsite on 6 January.  Of course that would be a good dinner out in the desert.  We will see.

We keep changing our minds about putting electric here on our lot at North Ranch.  We’re in the NO electric stage right now and will put it for sale for what we got into it, $60K.  No realtors.  After Quartzsite we now plan to stay there and run off our solar and Honda 2000 watt generator.  We’re not allowed to run our RV generator because it’s too loud.  We found that out after we bought the lot.

See ya……….