Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Never Done In 40+ Years RVing

Pilot truck stop had billboard signs advertising RV DEF.  It was a new truck stop and they had nice separate RV fuel islands.  No DEF.  I asked where the RV DEF was and the guy pointed out at the truck islands.  I explained how the billboards were misleading.  It went on deaf ears of course so I didn’t say too much after that.  I drove the RV into an empty truck island - the wrong way.  I’ve never ever thought I would do something like that – drive into a truck fuel island the wrong way.  I had to because our DEF tank is on the wrong side.  I do use the truck islands like the truckers do and don’t think too much about it.  They know you will be in and out because your diesel capacity is low compared to a big truck.  Anyhow, DEF was $2.79 gallon vice $13.88 in a box (2.5 gallon) inside.  The DEF tank took 4.5 gallons and then I filled two 2.5 boxes that I had that were empty.  That’s a huge savings for me.

We went 8 miles to KOA Lazydays today.  They didn’t want us to check in until after 11 AM which I honored of course.  We got there at 11 AM sharp.  When I was pulling up a motorcycle had just parked in the RV CHECK IN lane, clearly marked.  I got out and informed him where he had parked. He said that he was an RVer and could park there. We had a few more words. Then another couple said he could park there if he wanted. The lady actually gave me the number one driver finger.  I told her that was real lady like.   Welcome to KOA.  Inside the motorcyclist apologized and said he would buy me a marigatta later. He said he was having a bad day.  DSCN0064  We had a coupon for two free nights and it cost us $ zero, no tax or funny fees.  How strange to get something free and it’s actually free.  NICE campground as it always has been even when the now defunk Beaudry RV was here.  The campground is about 80% empty as it turned out. The check in lady said they switch to KOA last Friday.  Cooperate KOA bought the entire campground, restaurant and bar from Lazydays. 

Oh, the old Camping World that was here is closed.  The new Camping World is just a couple miles away BUT doesn’t have ANY RV parking at ALL.  It just doesn’t make no sense…..STUPID upper management!

Anyhow, the full hook up site was normally $41 I think and I won’t even get into the different options/prices.  It’s KOA which means Keep On Adding.DSCN0063

I walked over to the service area to see if I could pre-check in.  It’s a short walk from this back gate. DSCN0065Yes we could and did.  They knew we had just gotten the Winnebago from Florida and that Mr Sheehan (CEO Lazydays) was involved.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad.  They don’t sell Winnebagos here because LaMesa RV is across the street and they do.   

We got coupons for 4 free dinners from the service department for the KOA restaurant.  We go in tomorrow at 8 AM.  I figure one day which means easy 2 days to a dealer repair facility.  We don’t have anything real serious on our wish list.  We shall see what they say. 

We had dinner at the KOA restaurant and it was very nice.  Dinner without drinks was about $35 but was free with two coupons.  Strong Margaritas were $3.  We got loaded.

We’re starting to like these coupons.

See ya…..