Friday, December 13, 2013



Well, about 2 AM last night (today) I noticed that we only had 1 leg of our 50 AMP service.  That means basically only half the coach’s electricity was working.  I decided to wait until daylight to check it out.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to go out in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar area.  Yes, some people can and do use guns without checking what’s going on.  I don’t won’t to poo my pants or be dead right!

This week here in Yuma the temps are supposed to be in the mid to upper 70’s and could even hit 80 degrees…..ahhhhhh.

Charles is arranging to have our rigs washed for $35.  I think I will hold off a little longer for getting the Baby waxed.  Probably get it done early next year.

Sun’s up and so am I.  I ran some tests about our electricity problem.  Denny Orr helped me out on the testing via phone.  I didn’t even shock myself with the 100 AMP inbound juice.  The 50 AMP plug in pedestal had a bad side.  Our Baby was fine.  I let Charles know as we were getting ready to pull out. 

Carol had made an appointment for dental done in Algodones with Chris’s recommendation.  We stopped at the largest flea market here in Yuma first.  I needed a special water filter and Carol wanted to stop at her favorite book store there.  Mission accomplished quickly.

On to Algodones.  Parking at the Indian reservation and the only parking available at the border was $6.  Then it’s just a short walk to the border.  DSCN0067We got to the dentist office about an hour early and they took Carol early, about 40 minutes early.  She’s getting two crowns and a filling for $330.  She has to come back next Tuesday to finish up.  We went to our favorite outside place for a late lunch.  Those 4 shrimp tacos were good.  Carol watched due to her dental work.  Coming back across the border it was easy to spot our Orange Jeep.DSCN0068

We stopped and Walmart to get some buns and cole slaw for tonight’s dinner.

We got back to the rig and did a quick rest.  Charles told me he found the electrical problem.  It was a bad breaker in the main service box.  He did some switching around and everything is back to normal.

For dinner I broke out some smoked pulled pork.  Chris had been waiting a long time to try it out.  Chris made some great beans.  We had fun swapping stories.DSC_0001 

I think Chris is savoring the moment or wondering where her smoked pulled pork  sandwich went to.DSC_0003

After dinner we broke out the portable LP fire ring.  That was nice setting out with a fire as the sun went down.  A light coat was necessary.

Then there is the parade.  Local Yuma residents just get in their decorated ATV, side by side ATV, pick ups, cars or anything that moved and create a parade.  They drive around neighborhoods showing off their best decorated moving and creative vehicle.  It was pretty cool and it was very big.  No commercialization, just folks showing off their Christmas decorations.  My camera wasn’t set up very well for night pictures.   DSC_0006 DSC_0010

Then Charles treated us all to an ice cream at the local little market/gas station.  It was one of these help yourself frosty soft swirl ice cream machines.  Carol won the little kid award.  She didn’t know how to turn the machine off (lever up) and thus made a mess.  We couldn’t help her because we all were laughing to hard.  Oh well, kids will be kids.

We returned back home and it was just about bed time.

See ya….