Saturday, December 14, 2013

And Along Comes Saturday

Ok, we did just about everything yesterday now what?  Well, Charles called in the RV wash guys.  They started with Charles and Chris’s rig first.DSCN0070 

We got the Baby washed including the roof for $35 plus a $5 tip.  Of course you can’t really see how dirty the rigs were or how clean they are now.DSCN0072

Charles and Chris got this neat side by side run about 4X4 vehicle last year.  Maybe they can make it up to Congress (North Ranch) to do some BLM riding.  Then a trip up to lake Havasu for the Fireworks in February.  They need a trailer though.DSCN0073  

Then Carol and I went Christmas tree shopping.  We spent a whopping $10 at Family Dollar for this one of a kind.  It has ornaments and colored lights.  What more could a RVer ask for?  It’s pretty big.  That’s me standing next to it.DSCN0075


Then I got into setting up the LP quick connect on the RV.  The RV came with the female connection that came from the big RV LP tank.  I didn’t realize how hard it was to find a hose with a quick connect on one end and barbecue connection on the other end.  I couldn’t.   So I went to Cactus LP here in Yuma.  They hooked me up for $27 for more LP parts to make it happen.  I hooked it up to the barbecue and got a poor  fire.  I hooked it up to my portable “OFF” (old fart fire) which is a portable LP fire ring.  It did that poorly also.  I guess I will continue to carry a 20 LB tank.DSCN0071


We along with Chris & Charles sat out at the “OFF” for awhile.  It’s the black thing on the ground.  Then it got a little nippy so we all went in our own rigs for the night.

See ya…………