Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Here A Wire, There A Wire - Everywhere

8 o’clock sharp Wednesday and Starlight solar is working it.  I was ready for them.  My 4 panels (490 volts) I had got out last night along with the accessories that they might be able to reuse.  I removed the cover for the 6 factory AGM batteries plus access to my two additional nearby AGMs. 

I told them where I wanted the panels on the roof and why and they did not agree.  They suggested another way and I agreed to let them do it their way.  Hey, their the professionals.   I gave them options where to put the solar controller.  Again they had other suggestions and I went with their choices.    When you have true professionals that really know what their doing, it’s time to let them do their job.  I gave up control and let them to their job.

They said it would take about 6-7 hours and we had to leave our home.  We’ve learned to deal with that – kinda.  No need to go into 6 hours of doing nothing but killing time.  We did get gas at the Sam’s Club for $3.02.

Back at the rig at 3:30 PM they were just finishing up.  Starlight Solar did a very professional looking job.  I’ve seen some wiring jobs but these guys are on top hands down.  The installer went over his work in detail with me.  Of course I acted like I knew what he was talking about.  Then I went inside and saw the boss man.  He went over ALL the parts and explained why he used certain parts and gauges of wire.  Again I did my best to appear to understand what he was talking about.  I did understand that my AGM batteries are really made by Deka and he (Larry the owner) gave me the information on them.  ALL parts including the Blue Sky Controller (no batteries/solar panels) came to about $900.  Labor was $740.  Is that a lot? Hell yes but if you want quality parts and labor that you can trust bottom line,  you have to pay the price.  That’s all there is to it.  Now when you pay the price and don’t get the quality, then it becomes a horror story.  Everybody has those stories.  This place is good.  Oh, lifetime warranty on their work.

I will get some pictures of their install later on for you all to take a look at.

We pulled out about 4:45 PM and headed north to Quartzsite which was about 75 miles.  Got there as we were losing light.  Not crowded at all at mile marker 99 1/2 south on route 95 just south of Quartzsite.

home at last………DSC_0019

Tomorrow we will take the Jeep into town and have a lookie look.  I want to test the solar panels while here in the desert and see how they charge and that kind of stuff.  Since they are calling for rain here this evening I think we head to the SKP North Ranch in Congress, AZ later this afternoon.  Denny & Susie Orr have offered us to stay hooked up at their place and we will take them up on it.

I’m testing the automatic generator start out here also.  It came on early last night when the voltage got down to 14.1 volts (I sat at).  The 8 AGM batteries weren’t fully charge when we got here.  At 10 PM the generator automatically shut down.  I set the Quiet Time for 10 PM to 7 AM.  It won’t come on during those times while boone docking.  The generator had ran for 1 hour and 20 minutes and the batteries still weren’t charged 100%.  The voltage is now (6 AM) setting at 12.4 with the inverter on.  The frig drawls about 7-8 amps when it runs.  I’m drawling another 10-12 amps of misc stuff like TVs instant on, and other little juice grabbers.

It’s 6 AM and I’ve been up for two hours.  It’s 48 degrees outside and 63 degrees inside.  I will go back to bed now.  Later when I get up I will turn on the LP heat and heat the place up for my lovely wife of 42 years (brownie points).

See ya………..