Saturday, December 7, 2013

Going Country and P Owed

We went to Tractor Supply for their grand opening here in Benson, AZ.  We like the clothing they have because it’s usually good quality.  I think we might have a little country in us too.  This band music was rough but were giving it a good try and an A for effort. DSCN0049


Carol, their not big cats!DSCN0047


Later we went over to the SKP park to visit.  Here’s a Gensis RV.  No idea of the year but I really like it.  It reminds me of one of those big cruise ships.DSCN0050


We did a drive by on Art & Caroline’s place but they wouldn’t let us come in.DSCN0051


We ran into Terri Church at the club house.  Her and her husband Mike are the authors of Alaskan Camping.  We recommend their book along with the Milepost to anyone going to Alaska.  Their Jeep is 5 years old and love it.DSCN0052

Here’s Tom and Betsy Outland.  We saw them last at the Escapade in 2008.  Needless to say they were very surprised when we knocked on their door.  We’ve had some good times with them and enjoyed bringing each other up to date.   Tome is battling some serious health issues.DSCN0053


For dinner Don & Sharon invited us over.  Carol helped Sharon finish this puzzle before dinner.DSCN0054


Don fixed us all some of his Tri Tip on the grill and boy was it good.  It’s right up there with my smoked pulled pork.DSCN0055

Don suggested Ron Wicklund to install/rework our solar panel setup.   Don has used him for many years and comes very highly recommended.  We were going to go to Yuma to Starlight Solar.  I used him once in 2011 and he did a good job.  I will call Ron Monday and get a feel for him.   He’s located in Glendale, AZ in Phoenix.   Decisions, decisions.  Isn’t full timing rough?

We still have an obstacle to get thru and that is Lazydays in Tucson Wednesday.  I called them up to confirm everything and was informed that we couldn’t come in the night before like we were originally told.  I asked them when were they going to tell me.  I was a little pissed because we had made reservations up to the day before.  We don’t normally make reservations and this is why.  Bottom line they are letting us come in and we will stay in their Service Dept area and have electric.  Good for that. 

Lazydays has gone in with KOA and now their very nice campground there (Tucson) is called Lazydays KOA.  I did call them as their service department suggested and yes we could stay there for $41 bucks.  I didn’t care for that at all especially being Crown Club members.  The night before service work we are suppose to stay at their campground free.   That’s when I called their service department back and they found a spot in their service area.  I was pissed and told them what I thought of them changing their rules that affected my wallet and didn’t tell me ahead of time.  What about other inbound RVers?

Happy, Happy, Happy…..