Saturday, December 28, 2013

Polaris RZR Done & The Ducks Win

I felt a lot better today.

The side by side Polaris RZR -  What a friggin job.  It had to be done and it is.  Those sparks plugs finally got changed.  It took just a few days.  I guess at my & Denny’s age we can do the same things that we did when we were younger, it just takes longer now.  Glad, I don’t change the plugs every year.  It runs like champ.  Hey, it’s now a dragster.

Next is the EMS system to install.  I got everything ready and started to install it.  Opps there went a screw head in the rigs electrical box.  Everything is OK in that I didn’t brake anything that made the electrical inoperable.  It broke when I tried to loosen the screw head to get a wire out.  Now can’t get the wire out of the do dad to replace it with the EMS wire.  Oh well, the EMS will be put aside until I can find one of those not so common small parts to replace it.

Polaris side by side RZR test time.  Denny and another guy who I can’t remember his name went out for a test run.  We did a 21 mile adventure out in the desert.  It was fun and enjoyed every minute of it.    I was accused of getting lost.  I wasn’t lost.  I was taking a short cut with no trail in the river bed area.

Solar working good, Polaris RZR running good, now if I can get that rear TV to work on it’s receiver we will be good to go.

We’ve had the Winnebago 36M (AKA Baby) going on three months and about 3,000 miles.  I will do a report of it’s overall drivability and living ability real soon.   It will be what I think of this RV.  As most of you know, it won’t be a problem of saying what I really think of it.

Yea, Duck Dynasty.  I don’t care what A&E says why they are “letting them” continue.  Number one reality show since airing and 12 million viewers PER episode.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s MONEY for A&E…duh.  Happy, Happy, Happy!

See ya………….