Friday, December 20, 2013

RZR Almost Ready To Ride

It was a pretty dreary day with rain on and off most of the day.  Denny, George and I worked on my Polaris Ranger RZR.  We had to get it out the shed and all that goes with that.  We used jumper cables and it started right up.  The battery was shot though.  I got one on order from NAPA and it will be here tomorrow.  There went $108.  We didn’t realize the battery was a AGM and Denny’s 2012 RZR has a stock AGM battery also.  My RZR is a 2008 model.

Then Carol & I went to the DMV to get the tags and the Off Highway Vehicle (BLM) sticker.  Two years for the state on the highway tag.  That was $10.  The one year BLM sticker was $25.   I guess it takes more money to take care of the dessert than state highways!  What’s wrong with that picture?

We had dinner with Denny & Susie.  Carol used a slow cooker to cook a pot roast and veggies.  It was real tasty.

Then Denny & Susie made us watch hundreds of pictures of their Alaska Trip.  We were polite and watched them all.  It was like watching someone else’s family pictures.  I really didn’t snore that loud.  Seems like Susie's camera was broke except around Palmer and she only took pictures of Palmer.  Just kidding of course.  We really enjoyed ALL the pictures to include Palmer even.  It was fun and we could tell they really enjoyed their trip especially around Palmer.  smile, smile…..

The local day time temps are staying in the low 60’s and nights are in the 30’s.  It’s bearable as long as that wind and rain stay away.

The Jeep is still loaded inside to the roof just about with “stuff” out of the underbelly of the Baby.  Now that the solar panels are gone I got room to unload the Jeep back on to the slide out tray.  All I need is a little good weather, time and energy.  Oh well, it ain’t going anywhere soon.

Tomorrow another action packed day….

See ya…..