Monday, December 16, 2013

Old Fart Meets New Technology

New for us that is.  This Winnebago and putting the jacks up or down and the slide out procedure is really different for us.   So different that it would be/is annoying for our neighbors.  Winnebago wants the engine running during the entire time of setting up (or down)  the jacks and slide outs.  You can tell that the decision makers at Winnebago are not RVers.  Letting that engine run is insane.  You know me I have to try it MY OLD NORMAL way.  I put in the slide outs (no engine running).  Then I put up the jacks (air was already up).  No problems what so ever UNTIL I attempted to start the engine.  That entire process was working everything off the engine batteries and drained them real good.  I even tried leaving the rig plugged into shore power with no difference.  That just don’t make sense that Winnebago (& others) have this procedure.  EPA and diesel engines – new diesels have to run DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) for smog reasons.  BUT I have to run the engine to set up camp.   Letting that engine run longer seems like it’s counter productive with exhaust fumes/EPA.  Hey, Winnebago, come up with something better.  Modern technology, isn’t it great?  I guess I will do it their way and run the engine for my neighbors to hear when setting up or tearing down camp.  I just don’t like doing that. 

Our old way was to pull into a campsite, shut the engine off, dump the airbags (automatic) ,put the jacks down, extend the slide outs out.  Done.  What’s wrong with that way?????  No extra fumes/smog and don’t bother the neighbors.  I think manufactures (non RVers) have shot themselves in the foot with this so called better technology.   Anyhow,  enough moaning and groaning.

Charles and I worked on my Weber grill.  We came to the conclusion that the regulator was broke.  You don’t throw a Weber grill away like a cheap grill.  I will get the part and fix it.

Chris & Charles and us went out to Chinese Buffet for dinner.  It was on Pala Verde street.   We wouldn’t rush back but it was OK.  It appeared they could handle groups of people with no problem with their seating arrangements.

Tomorrow is Carol’s dental appointment for her two crowns at 9:30 AM.  Shouldn’t be any problem.

We will move over to Starlight Solar in the late afternoon.  Since our appointment with them is 8 AM we figured it just would be easier if we go over the evening before.  This way it will still be light out and won’t be disturbing any neighbors at 7 AM. 

As guests, Chris & Charles has been bringing us over a big breakfast every morning.  OR was that a dream?

See ya…..