Monday, December 2, 2013

Overnight At ?????

We left Livingston with a full fresh water tank Saturday.  We just plugged into 50 AMP while here for two nights.  We haven’t really tried to conserve water and hope to make it to Ft Bliss, El Paso, Tx.  We plan on arriving there Tuesday then hook up everything.

Night temps are now in the 50’s and that’s nice.  The heat pumps come on ever so often.  The tile floors are cool but not cold.

Nearby M & G Tow Brake – I talked with Monty this A.M. (Monday) and it appears that our tow brake is working properly.  The heat sensor gun says the front tow brake rotors are running less than 125 degrees when using the RV brakes.  That’s cool.  Pun intended.  We wanted to make sure everything was O.K. before getting way down the road and away from their shop.

We don’t know where we will be spending tonight and we are on our way there.

We headed north up route 19 to Interstate 20 and hung a left.  We went thru Dallas and Ft worth with no problems.  A total of 270 miles and we were at the Freightliner dealer in Abilene, TX.  I figured to get the front end of the RV checked out (slight pull) and have them look at the power steering fluid container that’s still leaking at the top….NOPE.  they didn’t have the equipment to check the front end so we went on.

We ended up at the Sam’s in Odessa, TX for the night.  Mileage unknown (forgot).  We had dinner at the Sam’s gourmet dog and soda for a $1.58.  Then I bought some DEF for $9.88 for 2.5 gallons.  That’s better than Walmart.

See ya.