Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Little Nippy Ride

Before 8 AM and we are off and running into the desert.  That is Denny & I.  Yes, it was nippy, in the low 30’s.  We rode the RZRs the back way up to Jack In the Box for breakfast.  That was interesting doing that in the early morning cold and the sun was in our eyes.  After breakfast we continued on for another 3 hours.  That’s North Ranch way out there.DSCN0127

Denny said this cactus is rare because of it’s top.DSCN0130 DSCN0131

We’ve been on top of this mountain and will again.DSCN0132 DSCN0133

Our cats.  Denny’s new kitten is named Penny.  It’s a character just like Denny.DSCN0135

Carol made some soup for all of us and it hit the spot. 

Since the solar panels were on the roof vice on the pull out tray underneath, it was time to reorganize the tray.  The Jeep was loaded almost to the roof with “stuff” to go back on the tray.  No problem just time to do it and it took about 2 hours to reorganize.  The Jeep is empty.  Another day I will put the back seat back into the Jeep that’s been in storage here at North Ranch.  I will start loading the Jeep for Alaska with come alongs, tow ropes and such.  It’s “stuff” that I picked up at Quartzsite last time there and it’s been in storage here for about 10 months.

All is well…..

See ya…..