Sunday, December 8, 2013


We were in no rush for our 35 mile drive to our next stay.  So we went to breakfast with Sharon & Don the the “Farm House” here in Benson on the main drag.  It was Ok and we would return for sure.  DSCN0056

The three stooges….DSCN0057

Next was to clean the front end of the Baby especially the windshield.  I haven’t touched the windshield at all since leaving Texas.  It’s getting a little rough and has to be cleaned no matter what the temperature is.  Oh by the way at 10:30 AM it was 45 degrees.  Hey, no wind or at least not real bad.  The Baby really needs a wash job and the wheels are terrible looking.  Two hours later I had wiped the entire coach down as far as I could reach.  Looking pretty.

The drive to the Voyager Resort was short and sweet.  This park is an Encore park.  That means you get 20% off their $42 a night depending on the season.  We would not stay here normally.  BUT we do have a coupon from Lazydays for 2 free nights in any of the 200+ parks.  This is our first Encore park and probably our last due to the high nightly prices.  We had to jump thru a couple of loops with our coupon.  The “free” two night stay cost us $7  which is what we like a lot better.  Why does it cost $7 if it’s free?

These spaces are tight.  This is 6 empty sitesDSC_0005

The Jeep is in another site.DSC_0001DSC_0002

A little shopping/dining area.DSC_0003  DSC_0006

Even a hotel……DSC_0007

I watched some football and Carol did the wash while watching movies.

Don & Sharon told us of a solar place in Phoenix but since Carol wants some dental work done we decided to stick with Plan A which is going to Yuma. 

I owe Chris Yust some smoked pulled pork and that’s where she and her hubby are at.  We still have to get thru Lazydays warranty work Wednesday.  I seriously doubt if they can finish anything in one day much less a simple 12  item list.  We are going to use our two free nights coupon at Laysdays Tucson instead of staying on their service lot (electric) free for one night.  If we don’t use the coupon, it would probably unknowingly expire.  I wonder how much their free two nights will cost.  Anyhow, we got another day here.

See ya….