Thursday, December 5, 2013

Test Day

It rained and the wind continued to blow hard last night.  The winds were suppose to be gone overnight.  They weren’t by 5 AM.  Plus it was raining most of the night so that really didn’t help things.

Testing…….. We waited till afternoon then took the Baby out for a test drive.  The pulling to the right appeared to be less but not positive.  It was really hard to judge due to the wind that was still blowing but not as strong.  Notice I didn’t say it was fixed.  The leaking power steering reservoir is fixed.  That’s probably because they had a mechanic and not a tech working on it.  A tech replaces parts until it’s repaired and a mechanic repairs the part.

I had to wash the bugs off the front of the Baby.  It was really bothering me that they were still on.  I did this at the gas station with water.  I paid $3.59 for diesel on base across the street from the campground.  I added two 2.5 gallons of DEF (box) in the DEF tank.  The DEF gauge showed 1/4 tank left before putting some in.  The DEF gauge went to 3/4 full.  Now I got two 2.5 empty containers that I will fill up at a truck station.  It’s about a dollar a gallon cheaper at truck stops rather than Walmart boxed.

We went to the base commissary.  Here food is cheaper than most other bases for some reason especially meats.  Our freezers, yes two, are FULL.

We leave tomorrow to see Sharon & Don in Benson.

So, another exciting day full timing.

See ya…