Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yuma Luncheon

We all decided to go to Yuma today and go loosey goosey – each of us doing our own thing.  We arrived at the Foothill’s Restaurant about 10:10 AM and it was already crowded for the 11 o’clock luncheon.  Why it’s called a luncheon I don’t know.  Most people order the breakfast special.  A lot of good friends were reconnected.  It was great seeing familiar faces again.  Ed and Elaine Brandt have been doing these luncheons for 15 years. He got bald and she got red hair.  Wow.. no grey hair…it must be the shampoo. SDC12082


They worked the crowd and ensured to meet everybody.  I wonder if they are running for office.  Ed wouldn’t let go of Elaine's hand. SDC12072 SDC12070



This is the M Po Tent people table…SDC12076


This is Denny with his mouth in it’s normal position.  His foot isn’t even in it at least at the moment.SDC12081 

Carol’s birthday is at the end of the month so the restaurant brought her a treat.  It’s a Twinkie with strawberries and cream.’s free….SDC12084

And Carol liked it…..SDC12085

From here we ran to Sam’s.  I got four golf cart batteries for $80 bucks a piece.  I figured I could replace these batteries 3 times and still save money over AGM batteries.  We also had lunch again at Sam’s.  It’s hard to beat their prices for lunch. Then it was time to go back to Qsite.SDC12087 SDC12090 SDC12091 SDC12093

We got back and we decided to move the Beast from this spot.  The Beast was getting lonely.  Actually we were the corner stone site for the SKIP get together. We decided to move up to the present day crowd.  Another day or so I will show our new site.SDC12094

Well, I was gonna wait till the guys got back to reinstall the four house batteries.  I decided to go ahead and do it now with a little sun light left.  Now this is the third time I have worked on taking these friggin batteries out so I just about had it down pretty good.  I took some extra back pain pills and went for it.  No problems.  I think I even hooked everything up right.  I had to run the generator about 1 1/2 hours to charge them up all the way.  All instruments/gauges looked good thru the evening.  It’s now 3 AM and  I’m at 12.3 volts with the inverter on and things running.

The Orr’s and Crusty’s got back from their Mexico adventure early evening and they came over.  We talked about Mexico and we have decided to go back with them later this month.  They did say it was over an hour to get thru customs.  That means it has returned to normal.  Last year was hardly a wait at all when we went. 

Tomorrow I will monitor the batteries and see how they take to a solar charge.  The guys are going to Mickey D’s for breakfast probably.  then..?..?

See ya……….