Monday, January 9, 2012

Now That’s Service

Blog is late due to trouble with the datastorm. It’s up and running.

It got down to 28 degrees last night (Sun).  The cat loves when we put on the heat and she has her spot.SDC12050


Here’s our campsite at the Red Barn.SDC12051

Don recommended this little local place for breakfast.  It was sufficient in quantity and quality.  The price was pretty good too.SDC12054

We got back to the Beast and I added a gallon of antifreeze.  I made calls to Newmar and Spartan about the possible heater core leak.  I was directed to Freedom RV in Tucson.  When we arrived they took us in immediately.  I guess they didn’t like the antifreeze leaking all over the place.  The problem was a loose heater hose connection at the heater core in the heater core box out of sight.  After adding antifreeze they let it run for a half hour making sure it didn’t leak.  They gave me a bottle of antifreeze and sent us on our way.  NO COST!  That’s service and we will be back.  I have never been treated that nice by any dealer under any and all conditions.

We’re off and running.SDC12055 SDC12057 SDC12060 SDC12065

That’s Quartzsite off in the distance.  About 30 miles before here we stopped at the ZIP and got fuel.  It was $3.79 a gallon. I took on 54 gallons and ended up getting 7.1 MPG.  Considering today the engine idled for along time and at times my cruise control was set on 77 MPH – 7.1 was great! Yes the Beast likes to cruise that fast.  I was losing antifreeze by time and not mileage so I needed to make time to Tucson.SDC12068

We arrived and the crew was awaiting our arrival.  Denny & Susie  the Crusty’s (Ed & Sandy) and Newbies Ray & Jan.  We all went to Silly Al’s for pizza & beer.  It was great as usual.  We did our OINK OINKS so everybody knew we were back.  Of course nobody really cared or knew who we were and we didn’t care after a few beers nor did they….

See ya…………..