Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nothing Again Today

7:45 AM ED & Denny are anxious to go and eat.SDC12095 

We headed out for breakfast about 8 AM.  After about 10 minutes driving we realized we had not said where were going.  After a few minutes of “You decide”, “No you decide”, we agreed to go to Subway.  Then that presented another problem – which one since there are two here in Quartzsite.  We couldn’t decide that either.  We all did decide that’s why we have wives.  They have no problem telling us where and when to go without hesitation….. SDC12096

After breakfast we went to a place called “RV Lifestyles”.  It’s a dealer with a parts department and Ed needed something.  They had these UTV’s setting outside.  They’re golf carts on steroids and you set in them rather than on them.  The salesman got all excited when I was crawling under one and asking a bunch of questions.  SDC12097

We left and went back to the rigs.  Ed & Denny came over to look at the Beast’s battery box area.  Ed the Seabee decided he could move the starting batteries and I could get another two six volt batteries in the compartment for a total of six.  When we go to Congress next month he said he could get it done in a day or two.  When I return to Yuma to return the old batteries (4 X $9) I will pick up another two.  When?  As soon as I get time from doing nothing.

Now it’s lunch time.  Yep, back to La Mesa for lunch. Everybody went.  They had hot dogs (1), chips and a drink free.  It was good (free). Coming out we all went into a 38 foot toy hauler 5th wheel.  It was pretty neat. At this point the salesman were circling us so we left.  Prior to departure we all decided to go loosey goosey which each of us to our own direction.  Carol & I decided to go to Rice Ranch and both sides of the road there.  This took several hours to hit all the flea market booths.  Carol got some books and I got a back ache.  We went back to the Beast.  The rest of the crowd arrived shortly there after.  A few more SKP’s arrived and we parked them. It was then 4 o’clock and time for social hour. We sat around in a large circle and talked small talk to the right and left of where we were setting.  The circle was to big to talk/listen to everyone.

Then it was time to go to dinner. We all returned to Rice Ranch and had $1 tacos at a little stand.  They even had a sit down area for us to eat and chat.  After eating tacos Ed & I walked down the street and had $1 hamburgers.  Pretty good little things. Everyone else was having ice cream.  To cold for me to have ice cream.SDC12099

Hey the women  were smiling because they were ready to tell me where to go.SDC12098


Got back to the rig about 6 and it was getting dark.  We had moved the rig earlier to this spot.  We are at the starting point of making a large rectangle at this point.SDC12100 

A few of us fired up a paper log and sat around for awhile.  Next think you know I was the only one setting there.  I poured two beers on the fire to put it out.  I know that’s a waste of beer but water is more valuable out here. I could have used some yellow water but the smoke smell might have been a little much for some.

Tomorrow I hope I really don’t do nothing because I have some things I need to get done.  I still got antifreeze on the side of the Beast that I should be getting off real soon.  Then I need to shine my wheels of course.

See ya……..