Sunday, January 22, 2012


Now that we don’t have the RV Driving School anymore our expenses have changed.  I have set up a very detailed spreadsheet to watch our money go out of our pockets.  We did this back in 2000 and 2001 to ensure we could live out here full timing.  Yes we could and have.  Since then we started working doing something we enjoyed and even getting paid sometimes.  I will try and give a little report on our full timing lifestyle expenses each month.  Hopefully this will helps some wannabees with their planning.  Others to compare theirs with ours…I know I have.  So far this month our biggest expense has been fuel (over $1,100).  Second is food (groceries/dining out) at about $450.  And third is RV Repair/Replacement parts at over $500 (batteries).  All of these figures are high.  Fuel because we moved from Texas to Arizona.  Food is high because we have been eating out more than often like a lot more.  Then we needed house batteries.  All are controllable and could have been reduced/not purchased one way or another.

Sunday, NFL playoffs, Ravens, 49’ers, big TV, food, see ya………….