Monday, January 2, 2012

We Are Ready To Go

Thanks for all of the “Welcome Back” emails.  I was surprised by the people that were waiting in the wings for my blog. It helps my ego……I still haven’t brought out the big camera yet, just using the tiny one.  I would like to have a blog that is bigger so the pictures appear bigger.  Maybe somebody can help me down the road to rearrange the blog….anyhow..

Oh… New Year resolutions. I only made one and that was not to make more than one. I think I can keep this one…..

Another week or so to go before we depart Livingston, TX.  We’re taking 5 days to get to Quartzsite with planned stops every night.  We usually make the 1370 miles in 3 days and have even made it in 2 days with Donna Clifton riding along.  We have made plans until about mid May.  The reason for the plans vary but all are what we have decided on and have made obligations to others.  All are fun and with friends. This is full timing for us.  Now for the summer we have no plans not even jello plans.  We might do the Maritime Provinces.  Maybe we can get some loosey goosey RVers to go up.

Early May we have to be in Nappanee, IN home of the Beast (43’ RV) – Newmar.  The Beast is going to get a new roof at no cost.  They will put us up in a hotel while they work on it. The roof is not leaking but sagging in a couple of areas beyond what Newmar (& me) wants it to. Hard to see in this picture but will give you a rough idea. These are the little sags.  SDC11924 I have to take down the datastorm and the 4 large solar panels.  Newmar said they don’t do that.  I will try and sell the datastorm ($500-$600)in Quartzsite.  If not I will take it down along with the solar panels when we return to Livingston in March.  Then no solar or datastorm the rest of the summer.  SDC11925 SDC11926 That will be a little strange without these.   Back to the basics.  Hey, that’s how we started full timing in June 2000 and didn’t even have sat TV.  Wow, how did we live! The big difference between now and then – real good full timer friends.  We can do fine without all the electronics but not the friends.

See ya…………………..