Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snow Showers – No Way!

Looked up the weather for El Paso today and it’s calling for rain/snow showers/windy in PM and high of 60 degrees.  Not my type of shower for sure.  PM to me means anytime after high noon.  Time to leave………… we did.  That is after a stop at Denny’s on base. We also filled the “Beast” up on base.  It took 127 gallons.  That meant I had approximately 23 gallons of fuel left.  So all those bells and whistles about low fuel was correct but not gospel.  On the Beast’s worst day I should get about 850 miles out of a tank before it gets really low. Fuel was 6 MPG this time and mainly due to the wind I hit the day before last.

This a man made road runner at a rest area near Las Cruces, NM on I-10.  It’s made of junk metal. It’s pretty neat.

SDC11994 SDC11995

Carol wouldn’t let me….SDC11996

When was the last time you picked up a hitch hiker?SDC11997

Seeing the Beast in the back of this truck was like one of those mirrors at a circus.



Not today. It was pretty good.SDC12012

Everybody should see the “THING”. I see one everyday!SDC12022


The bad weather was coming.SDC12026


Once we got to AZ it was behind us.SDC12030

This is something new that I saw on several trucks the last few days. It’s like a wind tunnel on the rear of truck to help fuel mileage I guess.SDC12033

I had a little problem earlier today on one of my walk a rounds at a rest area.  I had a liquid coming out from underneath in the front. It appears to be a heater core leak.  Thanks Nick!  Our warranty expires Tuesday.  Plenty of time.  I guess I will call Newmar first thing tomorrow and see if it’s their warranty or Spartan’s. 

We arrived at Passport America Red Barn Campground in Benson.  FHU 30 AMP for $12. It’s an OK overnight or so park. Hey $12 it’s real nice. I couldn’t see paying an additional $4 for 50 AMP.  The Beast does very well on 30 AMP just like most RVs can.  It’s the people that can’t live on 30 AMP!

We went over to Sharon’s and Don’s for dinner.  Don had fixed some ribs and they were good.  I think Don need’s to tweak his smoking a little bit more and I volunteered to be the testee of course.  After we fixed the world problems we went to Wally World.  I needed to pick up some antifreeze.  I figure if I don’t get it the leak will get worse.  If I get it, it will stop.  Let’s see if my guy reasoning will work.  We’re headed for Quartzsite/Silly Al’s and to meet Denny & Susie.