Friday, January 6, 2012


AT 6 AM when I got up it was 39 degrees outside and 51 inside.  I fired up our little Mr Heater Buddy for front room heat. SDC11953

Carol got up about 6:45 and said let’s go.  Of course she wanted to make coffee first and then dog had to be walked. We fired up the generator because our voltage was down to 12.1.  Coffee made, dog walked and now down the road to look for a breakfast stop.

About 150 or so miles down the road we got to Ft Stockton and stopped at Mickey D’s. Hey, 2 big breakfasts with pancakes and senior coffee for under $11, it was deal.  It was 9:30 AM. We couldn’t eat the pan cakes so that will be tomorrow’s breakfast.  The temps dropped down to 32 degrees while on the road getting here. We left and a short while later we came up on Balmorhea.  Our jello planned to stop went to the wind we and decided to go on to El Paso. SDC11965 SDC11966 SDC11967

Now on the interstate.SDC11971

No way!SDC11972

Not real blue sky due to the very very very strong wind.SDC11973 SDC11976

Immigration.  Most us don’t have to worry.SDC11978 SDC11981

Immigration station checking vehicles the other way.SDC11982


We pulled into Ft Bliss military campground (380 miles today) about 1:30 local with no problem.  One spot left and of course we got it.  Sometimes we are lucky and sometimes we’re not.  $16 for 50 AMP full hook with cement slabs with a patch of gravel. We’re staying two nights.  Pictures tomorrow.

Lost a front hub cap ($35) and the house batteries are acting up again. It’s beyond my experience…help….Denny…..see you Monday.

Before getting here to El Paso I had a red dot come on below my fuel gauge.  Next  I had a sign in my dash display panel that said LOW FUEL. Then later I had a little fuel pump light up on my dash.  This means you better have emergency road service which we do.  I think I have a bell alarm that comes on next but it didn’t.  The fuel gauge is to give a thinking person a reference. There’s a military gas station across the street and they sell diesel for $3.67.  The Flying J down the road in Anthony is $3.79.  I wonder where I will get fuel.  I’ve gone just under 800 miles and have a 150 gallon fuel tank.  That means I have an easy 800 miles before fueling and should have 900. It was very windy today.  It’s pretty normal going west across I-8 or I-10.  I know my fuel mileage dropped like a lead balloon. Can you say 5 miles per gallon without stuttering….? When it drops like that I goose the speed up to 65+. What the hell?

See ya………..