Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday The 13th – So What!

I have nothing to do but will be busy all day – again.

Somebody asked about the weather.  How about near 70 this week and sunny.  The nights get down to near 40.  As long as the wind don’t kick up too bad, it’s pretty dog on good.

Anybody want to buy a Datastorm cheap.  Ours is for sale cheap.  Did I mention cheap.

There’s about 8 rigs out here now.SDC12101


The only guys up this AM was me & Denny. So we decided to go to Mickey D’s for breakfast.SDC12103

After that we went back to the rigs.  It was time to put out and up signs for the Escapees get together for next week.SDC12105

I had some orange tape and ribbon on hand to brighten things up.SDC12106

SDC12107 SDC12108 SDC12111 SDC12112 SDC12116

SDC12118  SDC12122

Then we all looked for loose change on the round.SDC12121

We had supervisors….SDC12123 

Now all this hard work made us hungry.  So you know what that meant – La Mesa RV for free lunch.  They have the free lunch from 12 –2PM.  Today we learned not to go at 12 because everybody goes then.SDC12125

Inside was crowded too….we had taco pie, beans, salad and pie.  Everything was good because it was free.  Afterwards we went into a Eclipse 42 footer.  We saw this shelf/drawers behind the sink.  We will have one similar to it made down the road.SDC12130

It was back to the ranch after getting a gallon of milk ($3.79).  It was time for me to get the antifreeze off the Beast.  It was on the  passenger side and rear.  I first dusted the dust off.  Then used a damp cotton cloth and wiped the coach as far as I could from bottoms to high as I can reach.  I know that isn't high..ha ha. Then I went over it again with a damp chamois.  It needs a cleaner/wax now but that will have to wait.  Next where the wheels and tires.  First a dusting then a damp rag then a chamois.  They need a buffing to really make them shine.  Now you have to remember this is all only on one side of the Beast.

Now later on everybody left to go see the New Christie Minstrels something or another.  Yes it’s that group from the 60/70 era.  No thanks. I stayed back and cooked some ham for dinner.  They all returned about 9 or so and spoke highly of the $12 show.

Tomorrow I don’t know what I’m going to do.  Probably another busy day do nothing day.

Oh someone said that I needed to use better grammar.  I told them that this is me and they needed to change channels.  No I didn’t.  My grammar makes the mind work in figuring out what I’m saying.  What do you want for a 7th grade gentle education. I skipped the 8th and quit the 9th two weeks before graduation. Yes, there is more smart schooling but it was years later and even made the Dean’s List for something.  Seems like I’m always on somebody’s list for something.

See ya.