Thursday, January 5, 2012

On The Road Again

We said our goodbyes and we are off and running.  Our first stop will be Ft Hood.  En route…My co-pilot resting….SDC11934 SDC11935

All oil pumps were pumping………..SDC11938 SDC11940

It’s even has ACSDC11946

We got close to Ft Hood RV Park (military) so I gave them a call to see what gate I should come in with a large RV.  They didn’t know.  Then I was informed I would have to go to the Visitor’s center first.  I asked if it was big enough for a large RV. They didn’t know again.  I said a few appropriate words and hung up. We drove on to ???? We got to Eldorado and parked next to their Court House and Police station. SDC11951 It was a nice quiet spot.  This city is dying.  They do have three new buildings.  Two banks and a police station.  What’s up with that? We walked around town and 15 minutes later we were back at the RV.SDC11950SDC11952

We went 380 miles and that’s more than we planned which was 250.  Oh well…………… It was all back roads and only a couple of bigger towns.  Sun was out got to 70 degrees and traffic was very light. We traveled most of our route on route 190……staying north of Austin.

The Beast is running fine. Saw fuel as low as $3.49 in a couple of places.  We paid $3.57 in Next fuel up for will be in El Paso. Plus we saw 11 Armadillos today and the were alive.  That is very rare. they were all within about a 10 mile stretch.  I guess it was a family outing.

See ya…….