Saturday, January 7, 2012

El Paso – Not For Us

Can’t put our fingers on it but El Paso isn’t our type of city.  Of course we don’t like any big city and El Paso is big by our definition.  It’s just too busy…..busy.

Anyhow here is a picture of our sight here at Ft Bliss. SDC11988 SDC11989 

Damn – Lost another hub cap.  Lost the other side up in Alaska.  That can be expected.  I didn’t even hit any rough roads today. Oh well…… $35…SDC11987

Alaska – Carol & I just recently actually talked about going to Alaska this up coming summer.  Then we switched to 2013 maybe.  We want to spend more time on our next Alaska adventure than we have in the previous 4 times.  We are thinking about leaving Milepost 0 around mid May again.  Then let the snow chase us out in late September or early October.  We want to do more dry camping and stay a little longer in certain areas.  Just a thought on the back burner.

Went to the Ft Bliss commissary today. I needed ground beef for my chili that I’m cooking for our little get together in Quartzsite the tall end of this month.  If you would like to attend send me an email, and say so.  I will send you an information letter.  It’s ALL free.  Just 20-40 RVs and RVers sharing stories and having fun.

When the sun went down the wind kicked up something terrible.  It’s 4 AM now and it’s been howling all night long. If it continues I’m not sure if we will leave in the morning (Sunday).  Sure would hate to miss the rib dinner that Sharon & Don have planned for us in Benson.  Here’s the difference of being on vacation and being a full timer.  We don’t have to leave hell or high water like a vacationer  would. Even though if might be dangerous a vacationer would STILL leave. Been there done that!

See ya……………

See ya.