Monday, January 30, 2012

Enough Boone Docking

We’ve spent 21 days in the desert with no hook ups. It’s time for us to go.  We got 117 miles to the Escapees park North Ranch.  We will be staying at Denny & Susie’s lot there.  First we have to stop at the Wickenburg vet because our cat Patches is pretty sick.

We stopped at the ZIP and got fuel at $3.79 a gallon and LP was $2.95.

We took some pics but they really are rough. Plus here’s a couple from a few days ago.  SDC12280 SDC12282 SDC12290 

We arrived at the vet around noon and they took Patches right in.  Later that day we got a call and they didn’t find anything so far but will observe her over night.

We arrived at Denny & Susie’s.  Denny arrived earlier and got situated.  We pulled right in and got all situated.  Carol started doing the wash right away.  Today was a try and recoup day after a short drive.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Carol’s birthday…..

See ya…………