Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Days Are Becoming a Blur

I missed a day as some of you know.  I will try to recap but these days are starting to become a blur.  I’m glad I haven’t been drinking.

I think we went to La Mesa RV for a free pancake breakfast with Denny & Susie.  Don’t remember if Ed & Sandy came.  Afterwards Carol & I went to Paul Evert RV.  We wanted to go tease the salesman.  Hey, for years they would harass us when ever we were just looking.  Now I harass them. The tables have turned.  We looked at several rigs with two salesman following us around like lost puppies.  The one we liked the most was a 2006 Executive 44 footer.  They’re bringing a coach down from Fresno Friday they said we might be interested in.  So, Friday we wonder over there again and disappointment them again.  They just haven’t made the perfect coach with that real big bedroom yet.  At least we haven’t found it yet.

Then came the social hour for us early arrivals at the Escapees get together area here on BLM land.  Maybe about 30 or so people so far.SDC12171 SDC12172 SDC12173 SDC12174 SDC12175

Then it was Silly Al’s  time.SDC12187

This is a place where a group of us visit every year several times and we have a blast.  We do everything from karaoke (not all) to oink, oink to the new weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  We also eat fantastic pizza and some even have a beer or two or three or four plus.  I just had water.  I wasn’t in the mood to drink.  It was fun as you can see.  We will return and even have more fun as usual.

SDC12176 SDC12177 SDC12178   SDC12183 SDC12184 SDC12185 SDC12186

It’s 11 o’clock.  Do you know where your parents are?

See ya………..