Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Big Tent

We were there for the opening of the first day of the Big Tent Event here at Quartzsite.  Wow, it hasn’t been this crowded in many years.  SDC12206

We had to park in a special parking space. It had a bunch of white lines in our space and we fit fine.  Only three rows away.  It was belly button to *&! hole.  Why in the hell people bring dogs to these events have always made me wonder why.  I was almost at the point of asking a few but the traffic was too much.  It’s cruel to the dog and other people.  You want to carry your mutt in a bag across your chest – fine.  But why a medium/large dog on a leash in a high traffic area beats the hell out of me.  Who’s gonna clean up if the dog takes a dump?  I know who will probably step in it.  You just can’t fix stupidity and down right lack of concerns for others and the dog.

Anyhow we did a trip up and down all three isles then around the outside one time.  I got two special water disconnects and a Spartan hubcap.  If you order a hubcap from Spartan it cost $35.  I got one here from Spartan and it was $22.  Same hubcap.  Carol got a do hickey that hangs on a chair for $6 .  It looks like a $15-20 device.  We left then immediately.  It was getting more crowded in the tent along with more animals. 

We went back to the Beast.  It was very very very very very very very windy. Sun didn’t come out until after 1 or so then I wasn’t sure if it was the sun.  OK, one not real good day but a OK inside day.  It did hit 70 degrees.

Gary & Mary Olson stopped by to visit.  Damn I thought they couldn’t find us.  They followed us all over Alaska and we couldn’t shake them.  They’re staying with the Moan & Groan Club (Tiffin) nearby.  Fun couple… they will come over early next week after the Tiffin group throws them out.  While they were here we had our first official arrival, Tom & Pat Wither.  They have been coming here for several years via new Tiffins but they keep buying them so they can make it here.  They now have a 42’  Farton.  They too are planning to go to Red Bay and are hoping it makes it – just funning – kinda.   Nice Tiffin.  I like teasing people who have any type of RV.  Oh Gary & Mary have a Tiffin Allegro Bay or is it a Tiffin Allegro Bus. Great guys all of them……

Steve O’Bosky sent me an email saying that he would stop by and take a look at our  Motosat sat dish.  He’s the man when it comes to these things.

See ya……………………