Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quartzsite – Full Day

Will we were off and running before 8 AM.  That is early for some.  We went to La Mesa RV for a free pancake breakfast with Denny/Susie, Ed/Sandy & Ray/Jan.  The guys were in one car and the ladies in another.  The pancakes were really good.  We sat there for awhile afterwards and talked and talked. Then we all walked around the new RVs with a salesman tagging around.  I actually met a salesman who knew the difference between an exhaust brake, VGT brake and compression brakes.  I was impressed so he got to stick around longer while we went in a half dozen rigs or so. After breakfast us guys went to two solar shops to see what was cooking in that area of expertise.  I was really was preshopping for batteries.  I think the Beast’s are tired. After that us guys ended back at our rigs.  Carol went line Dancing in town for two hours.  She’s a happy camper.

Us guys started to check the Beast’s batteries.  We discussed where the water should be filled to in a battery.  I said about halfway to the bottom of the fill ring. They all said to the bottom of the fill ring.  I lost and I watched them fill my batteries to their requirements.  I felt like Tom Sawyer watching them do my work.   I was out numbered.

Then it was time to go and check out Ed’s solar panels to make sure they were working.  Denny got on the roof with a rug.  I stood next to the RV and Ed was inside watching his solar controller numbers.  Denny would cover a solar panel and Ed would shout out the numbers.  We did this for each panel and it turned out they were are working just fine.

OK…now it’s lunch time.  Back to La Mesa RV for a free lunch.  It was meat loaf, mashed potatoes/gravy, biscuit and corn with a drink of your choice.  We all agreed it was worth the money.  It was pretty good and I don’t normally care for meat loaf unless it’s Mark’s smoked meat loaf.

Now what….. We all had brought are own vehicles because we were going to be loosey goosey and do our own things.  We went to one of the flea markets near the Big Tent area.  The Big tent is closed for another week plus.  We walked for hours and bought nothing.  No real good deals jumped out at us until we got near an ice cream shop near the Two Crazy Ladies wagon.  They make ID badges, etc.  Whoa – for three bucks we got a beast of a cone with a lot of ice cream.  We then had to walk some more.

By now it was time to head back to the rig for the 4 o'clock social.  Social is a old person’s name for a sit down party.  I think we had about 12 people and I ain’t even gonna and try to remember their names now at 4 AM in the morning.

You know what is next – right.  It’s dinner time.  La Mesa RV doesn't do dinner. Someone mentioned Taco Tuesday ($1) at a Mexican Restaurant in town.  I think they only have Mexican Restaurants in Arizona. We found the joint and it was quaint as they usually are. We had to wait.  I don’t know if it was because there were that many people or that small of place.  Maybe both. During our wait I felt obligated to entertain everyone waiting.  The audience was about 15 or so.  I know…that’s a small group but what the hell.  I had everyone laughing in time.  One couple had finished and were exiting when the lady came by to see me.  She said that I better hurry up and due today’s blog because she knew I didn’t do yesterdays' and she missed it. With that she walked out.  I sat their baffled for a moment and then continued my joking around. Then we got in a line and followed the waitress to a room.  Service was good and I was still on a roll.  I was having a great time kidding with others in the same room.  I think they figured it was better to join in the fun than to make faces.  We ALL had a blast and could not even plan this – it just happened and yes I had one beer at the social.

Back at the rig (7 PM) the batteries were fully charged.  We turned on the TV, a light and the computer stuff.  One hour later we were down to 12.1 volts.  What does that mean?  It means we do need batteries. Now do we go with AGM or water filled?  Haven’t decide yet.  That will probably will be decided tomorrow (Wed).

We will have another action packed day tomorrow.  We are doing the loosey goosey thing again tomorrow.  Most of us will go to Yuma for a monthly SKP luncheon. From there some will go down to Mexico while others shop around for batteries.

I will try to take some pics tomorrow….

See ya…………..