Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yuma Flea Market

We got up this morning and decided to go to Yuma’s big Flea Market.  It’s open Thur-Sun.  We first went to Mickey D’s for our 2 egg muffins ($3) and free coffee.  I think they are giving their coffee away until the 26th.  After a  1 1/2 hour drive we arrived at the flea market.  First thing that caught my eye was this.  Hey, what’s wrong with this picture.  If you can’t figure it out, then you are one of them!SDC12139

I’ve been classified as 40% permanently disabled for almost 20 years by the Veterans Administration and I would never think of doing what this guy did.

Anyhow, they have a cute petting zoo at the flea market if you can’t find any thing better to pet.SDC12140

I guess one could say that it was not crowed at all.SDC12141 SDC12142

It was noticeable smaller than last year also due to less vendors.  We got a few things then we were off to Sam’s.

I needed to get two more 6 volt batteries since ED said that he would rearrange my chassis batteries.  We also took back  4 old batteries for the deposit on the ones I got last week.  While there we figured why not get some dogs/buns.  We can have a cook out back at the SKP get together place one night.  Why not.

On the way back from Yuma Carol was bored so she got hold of the little camera and took some pics.SDC12143 SDC12144 SDC12145 SDC12149 SDC12152

When we got back to the Beast more people had arrived at the campsite.  To many to list.  Most of them were going out for dinner and we decided to stay back and guard the fortress. 

When they returned a few stopped by. SDC12158

After that visit we went and visited Sharon & Don then Walt & Kellie.  We went back to the Beast for a restful night – NOT!

About 11 PM we were awoke by a sound of a portable generator which happened to be about 20 feet from our bedroom window.  Honda’s are quiet but not that close at 11 o’clock at night.  I decided to go over and see what the emergency was.  Someone evidently needed help. Names will not be used to protect the guilty.  I knocked on the door and a lady answered.  I asked what the medical emergency was.  She acted a little surprised that I asked and she said why.  I said that their generator was being ran an hour past BLM hours (6AM-10PM). She said that they just returned back to the rig and were out of LP and that it was 62 degrees in their rig.  I was tempted to explain boone docking in cool weather but didn't. I didn’t even get into the how to take care/use of LP bottles.  Every morning when I get up our rig is in the 50’s.  She further said that her husband had left to go fill BOTH of their LP bottles.  She asked if their generator had woke us which I immediately said yes.  I wanted to say a few other things but didn’t.  She said if it was that bad I could turn it off.  I just said no thank you and walked away. The husband returned a little before 11:30 PM and turned off the generator.  I guess their emergency was over and they didn’t need any other assistance. Hopefully they have learned a lesson and I’m glad it wasn’t really a serious emergency.  I guess an emergency is in the eye of the beholder.  Sort of like handicap parking.  I was up by 6 AM.  I didn’t even turn on the Beast’s 400 HP Cummins, 7500 KW generator or even our diesel Hydro Hot.  It was 55 degree’s in our coach.  I turned on our Mr Buddy on low and did this blog.  I feel like Andy Rooney from the 60 Minutes show. 

See ya…………….