Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mo People

What do you get when the guys get together so early in the morning…..nutin honey.SDC12132

Carols is getting into the off road mood.SDC12133

This ATV place had free hot dogs and entertainment.  The entertainment was pretty good when she wasn’t cleaning her nose out.SDC12134

Here’s Carol trying to pick up these youngins.SDC12135

Another lunch at La Mesa.  It was beef stew.  Where’s the beef was a favorite question.SDC12136

People came from all over.  Some even had RVs.  It was over cast and cool but the friendships were warm.  Ahhh ain’t that nice?SDC12137

Maybe you can recognize a few of these SKP’s.  Click on the picture for a blow up.SDC12138

Another day of doing nothing and then trying to remember what we did do to put in the blog. Oh yea, football.  One very exciting game and one blow out game.  Each team that one had a good day.  Tomorrow I predict winners.  How’s that for sports reporting?   Sounds like a weatherman – yes there will be weather tomorrow when the sun comes up and then some when it goes down.

See ya……