Thursday, January 26, 2012

Datastorm Dish Gone

Well good ole old Steve came over this morning to give me a second opinion on our datastorm being broke.  He has a little puller that is really neat and set up for long distance traveling and boone docking. SDC12273 His diagnosis was “Yep, it’s broke!”  We unbolted it and tossed it off the roof.  Surprisingly the dish didn’t brake. No pics because I was working and I don’t need to spread those kind of pics around.  People might think I actually can work.  Steve wanted it for parts and so be it. He owes us a big fat hamburger due some day.  And he and Nancy are off…..SDC12274

Now Don needed supervising.  He was cleaning his base plate for his datastorm to go on their NEW RV.SDC12271 Yes they are getting a new 40 foot farton.  Congrats.  Tommie Sue and & Harrell are getting a a new Tiffin also.  Victor and Tarri are getting a new RV too.  Thank goodness it’s not a Tiffin.  We might have to go look again.  The bug didn’t bite us this year.  Again thank you all for buying those new RV’s so we didn’t have to. It’s more fun watching you all spending your money and MOVING and RESTTING UP everything….

A few more rigs came in today and I can no longer keep track of everybody's name.  We had a real nice 4 o’clock get together and had some great laughs.

That evening Frank Hinman started the fire and we had a nice group outing.  Mark brought the stuff that was need for smores and we put a hurting on them.  Buy this time it was joke time.  Wow, these people hurt my Marine Corps ears – NOT. 

Today was perfect Quartzsite weather in that it was in the 70’s, not one cloud in the sky and no friggin wind.  Damn it don’t get no better out here.  The next few days is suppose to be the same.  Life is good…………

Now you ask how am I getting this blog out if I don’t have no datastorm.  Denny dropped off his MiFi thing for me to use early this AM (4 AM).  It’s a pretty neat little device. I don't have to turn on the inverter for the datastorm equipment.  I just turn on this little gizmo and log on.  It’s faster than datastorm at least right now it is.  In crowded areas I’ve been told it slows down.  The computer I just run on battery.  How sweet it is……

My blogs might be a little slow getting on line but I will have one for each day but they just might not be published for one or two days.  In other words go back until you come up on a repeat….

See ya………………….