Monday, January 23, 2012

Out Of Food ?

No not really.  We got milk the other day.  We do need some regular “stuff” that we might have to go to Blythe.  Carol wants to make some corn bread for the chili this weekend.  I need some stuff for my chili. 

Today it got to near 70 degrees ,  clouds and wind later and even a quick rain shower. 

I dropped Carol and Marline Hinman off at line dancing and headed for Blythe, CA about 25 miles away.

SDC12207 SDC12210 SDC12214


Killer donuts…SDC12211 SDC12213   SDC12216

Downtown Blythe…SDC12217


I washed the car for $1.25SDC12218


In Az Milepost 5 this is the place to get fuel .  10 cents cheaper than Flying J, not as crowded and it’s even larger.SDC12220 SDC12221

SDC12225 SDC12226 SDC12227 SDC12230 SDC12232 SDC12236

Northbound on route 95 about 2 miles out going into town about 12:30 ……no thank you!SDC12242

Later we connected up with Denny & Susie and went to the Families Three (?) Restaurant.  Not too shabby. It was our third restaurant where we didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes.  The others looked longer.  We fixed some world problems and spoke about our future plans. When we finished and went outside we noticed it had rained.  There went my clean car.

Lesson learned probably – don’t go into town between 9:30 AM and 4 PM.  It’s a friggin zoo. Bumper to bumper traffic with parking spaces few and far apart. You know, Quartzsite just ain’t the same for us anymore.

See ya……