Friday, January 27, 2012

First Day of Get Together

Today officially starts the RV Driving School Get Together.  Carol & I have been doing this for 6 great years.  I think this has been the best weather we have ever had over all.  One year we almost got washed away because of the real bad thunder/rain/wind storms here.  It’s something to see a monsoon rain and water running across a desert in an RV in the middle of no where.  It got a little scary that year and we still managed to have fun.  It’s the attitude that wasn’t discouraged.

We pass the torch on to George & Valerie and wish them well.  Oh, we’ve told everybody next year they would be preparing steaks, porterhouse of course! Tell your friends.

Carol & I went into town before 9 AM today.  I wanted to get some solar lights at K & B Tools.  K & B has a lot of good “Stuff”.  After Mickey D’s we parked right in front of K & B before 9 AM.  I got the lights and then we went to the laundry mat.  I dropped Carol off and I went to the big tent.  Here’s Denny & Susie working it.SDC12277 It wasn’t crowed so I got to walk around and meet some fellow vendor friends.  About 10 AM I decided it was time to go to the Post Office and start to wait.  They hand out General Delivery starting at 11 AM.  I got there about 10:15 and was mentally prepared to wait.  They are so   s - - - l - - - - o - - - - w - - - - ! After 10:30 or so it becomes an 1 1/2 hour wait.  I was 4th in line.  I walked out about 11:10 with mail in hand.  I went and got Carol and we went back to the Beast.

I think I counted 23 rigs before the end of the day. SDC12276

We had a pretty big social hour and then a pit fire later that night.  We went out to diner with Gary and Mary, fellow Loosey Gosey Gang members from our Alaska trip this past summer.  We went to a Mexican restaurant.  I can’t talk Spanish or read their menu’s even though they are in English.  It just don’t click in the brain housing for me when it comes to Mexican food.  I need a child’s menu that is descriptive.  I ordered a mini samboro (?) with ground beef and crossed my fingers.  It came and they must have thought I was a rabbit.  There was a lot of lettuce and I never did find the ground beef. It reminded me of a taco salad with no sidewalls or beef. It was outstanding if you are a vegetarian.

Another good day.  Damn wind picked up again.  The weatherman changes his report as the weather changes so he’s never wrong.  Just a little off on the timing.  Tomorrow is predicted to be in the 70’s with no wind or clouds….hope so. 

The pot luck/chili cook off will start about 3:30.  Hope I don’t see those mega food trays.  Come on folks let’s don’t go down that road.  I’m expecting about 75 or so people again this year. We will see…. I got to go start my chili – it’s now 6:30 AM.

See ya……