Friday, January 20, 2012

Peace & Quiet

Well, we started off about 8:30 AM.  We hung a left out of our spot at the SKP get together and headed for the dump/water station down the road a couple of miles.

Water & a dump was $20.  Plenty of water fill and dump stations which are separated.  Water fill in one area and  dump stations in another.  Very convenient for when it gets crowded. SDC12197


If you wanted to flush your black water tank it would cost you an additional $3.  Quartzsite has become a money hungry tourist city.  The vendor said it was the city as he put the $20 in his pocket – no receipt.SDC12196

Next we headed for Satellite Advantage which is located across the street from La Mesa RV.  We arrived and I confirmed that he would buy our MotoSat sat dish for $400.  An hour later I had it ready to lower off the roof.  Paul, the owner, got on the roof and took a look at the sat dish.  He said that a $60 part was broke and didn’t wanted to mess with fixing it.  I reinstalled the dish/cables and it took another hour.  He gave me some Dicor caulk to reseal some holes.  We then left for OUR AREA down at MM 99.5 which is about 5 miles south of Qsite.

Wow…..peace & quiet in the open desert.  We will just wait for you all to come.  Follow the signs that say WHEELS N KEELS and you will run into us.  Hope they keep the signs up.  We will put up our small orange  survey steaks about Tue or Wed.SDC12203


SDC12198   SDC12202 SDC12205

It’s now 3:30 AM and it’s damn quiet.  It got into the 70’s yesterday and night in the low 50s.  This just might be the best weather in a long time. I got my shorts out…yea……

See ya……