Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last Official Responsibility As Owner

This morning I completed the 1099’s for the instructors.  Turn on the lights the party is beginning what ever that means.  People have been asking why did you sell the school and what are you going to do now. Why sell?  The timing was right for us to sell and no real special reason.  We just knew it was time.  Now what are we going to do?  Nutin. How’s that? We’ve agreed to help the new owners the next few months at different venues and Carol wants to attend a couple of line dancing rallies in California.  We will leave the west coat about mid March and head for FL with a stop in Livingston, TX.  After visiting some real good friends in FL we head for an Escapees rally in the Carolinas.  Then a slow pace to the Newmar factory in IN to get the roof replaced on the Beast under warranty.  It’s sagging like we are all doing. Then……..?

Anyhow back to the hear and now.  Today it’s suppose to be windy and near 70 degrees.  Then the rest of the week in the mid 70’s and sunny…….hopefully.

The day was a normal busy due nothing day.  Then it was time for Silly Al’s with a bunch of friends.  It was……it was…….it was….it was…well you figure it out…SDC12252 SDC12253 SDC12254 SDC12255 SDC12257 SDC12258 SDC12259 SDC12261 SDC12262

Then the day ended I think……

See ya…………….